torsdag 30 juni 2016

Lite bolly, lite Shahrukh

Inte en jättefantastisk låt, men svängig. Inte en jättefantastisk video, men ... tjusig? (och märkesplaceringen ska vi bara inte prata om ...)

Och men Shahrukh är ju alltid SHAHRUKH.

måndag 27 juni 2016


Våldsamt snygg affisch:

torsdag 23 juni 2016


De här böckerna har jag lånat hem just nu:

"Rebel of the sands"
"White is for witching"
"Låt oss tala om barnet och kvinnorna och staden"
"Husmoderns död och andra texter"
"Arthur Gordon Pyms äventyr"
"A tyranny of petticoats"

Plus ett gäng barnböcker.
Men det där är till mig själv.
Och ingenting lockar, jag fastnar inte, dras inte in. Längtar efter en STOR ROMAN, något som kan svälja mig, som kan vara sommarens läsning. Går runt och känner mig allmänt litteratur-missnöjd, det är tråkigt. 

Förlåt, ville mest gnälla lite. Boktips, någon?

lördag 18 juni 2016

Andra berättelser om kvinnor

Watching a woman repeatedly subsume her entire emotional and artistic life to a totally worthless man for years is as exhausting to me in fiction as it is in real life, and while I suppose “we had a healthy relationship! the end” is a pretty short story if I am going to read about straight women I would prefer they be doing something more interesting than being made miserable by men over the course of a thousand pages—because, in the end, that’s not a book about women, it’s a book about dudes. So much of the Neapolitan quartet is about Nino! and let’s face it, Nino really, really sucks. It’s like reading early Margaret Atwood, where for a certain amount of time you’re like OMG yes exactly all men will fail you and then at a certain point you’re like, Lady, just go do something else. To me, certain books seem to suggest that the essential struggles of women’s lives center on negotiating boundaries with emotional labor, with raising children, and with male lovers, partners, and husbands, but that’s an essentialism that also serves to universalize heterosexuality and the nuclear family unit and leaves out whole swathes of other women’s lived experiences and histories and struggles.

torsdag 16 juni 2016

Ursula! Ursula!

Making anything well involves a commitment to the work. And that requires courage: you have to trust yourself. It helps to remember that the goal is not to write a masterpiece or a best-seller. The goal is to be able to look at your story and say, Yes. That’s as good as I can make it.
//Ursula K LeGuin