måndag 15 maj 2017

Något om fanfiction

Detta dök upp i mitt flöde idag. Intressant!

”Historically, whenever young women are interested in a form of media, we like to tell them it is bad for them and that they are bad for liking it — unless the media goes mainstream, in which case it becomes no longer feminine and hence okay. Novels are dangerous and cause insanity, until they become classics worthy of being studied in college. Beatlemania is the province of 'the dull, the idle, the failures,' until the Beatles become a band that everyone loves.

Young women are so attacked for loving the media they love that it is a radical act for a young woman to love something unashamedly. And transformative fandom is the most radical act of all, because it reverses that 'lady thing to respectable thing' process. It takes a piece of media that may not have been designed for young women and makes it for young women.”

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