torsdag 14 januari 2016

Nä, läst fanfic i infon har jag inte. Men ändå skoj.

i wanna thank the ao3 guys for making the page look like an academic website so that i can read fanfiction in the library so that people think i’m doing research for a paper when i’m actually reading about two guys fucking
I’m sorry to tell you this, but the librarians know. We know. We usually aren’t judging you about it, but we know. A guy used to come to my library every day and spend his time in the foyer at the back of the building reading Lord of the Rings fanfiction on AO3. He dressed nice and carried a briefcase, and I know legit thought we thought he was doing Important Work, but we all knew. 
It’s cool, though.  Honestly, librarians are mostly just grateful you’re being tasteful about it, as opposed to the mouth-breathers who come in, sit at the kiosks facing the aisle, and get the computers infected with malware while browsing raunchy graphics-heavy titty sites and staring creepily at co-eds.
Anyway, it’s not like the librarians aren’t on AO3 at their desks too, killing time between answering reference questions.
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