måndag 9 november 2015

Ursäkta, har ett uppror att sköta här ...

  • han “i know you have a crush on me” solo

    My favourite things about this scene:

  • 1. Han and Leia have done this sort of thing SO OFTEN that they can move out of the way to let people through while continuing to argue, and

    2. the Princess of Alderaan/Leader of the Rebellion having a spat with General Solo about whether or not she fancies him or whatever is so commonplace that nobody even feels bad about walking through the middle of their fights.

    I mean look at that guy’s face. He’s seen this fifteen times before.

    And you just know that people used to be really polite when Han and Leia got into an argument.

    They maybe tried to walk a different way around the base, or they’d just stand there, feeling awkward, till Han and Leia were finished or felt bad enough to pause and let them through but eventually everyone’s just, NOPE, WALKING RIGHT THROUGH THE MIDDLE, GOT A REBELLION TO RUN HERE, KTHXBYE.

  • - - -

  • Detta tyckte jag var roligt/briljant/fint! 
  • Precis sånt som jag gillar att ramla över på nån blogg. 

  • (Att dela saker från tumblr i blogger så att logiken bakom vem som postat/kommenterat vad är verkligen inte helt enkelt. Credd till den som ska ha det: översta länken alltså till personen som skrev den långa kommentaren.) 

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